To contribute your reviews to Red Reads you need to register your email with our database by sending a request to: redreadsblog ‘at’ sign gmail dot com

Once you’ve done that and got approval, you will simply be able to email the same address with your review for it to be uploaded to the blog by our moderators.

You need to format this email correctly for it to be uploaded. Here’s how:

  1. Type the book title and author in the subject line in the following format: “title: subtitle, by author”
  2. Then type your review in the body of the email in plain text i.e. with no special fonts or formatting. Please remember to keep to 100 words exactly – no more, no less – this is our policy at Red Reads.
  3. Include your initials after the final full stop in the review surrounded by html tags for bold, so it looks like: “book. SS
  4. Include the publisher, date, and number of pages in the following format: “Verso; 2009; 198 pages” followed by a line break
  5. Specify the category. This will be either fiction or non-fiction, for example: [category fiction]
  6. Finally, you need to include what are called ‘tags’ at the end of the email. They group similar posts together and allow users to browse through subject areas. Popular tags are shown on the sidebar. To include tags, type words related to the review’s subject in the following format separated by commas, always including the word ‘tag’: [tags economic crisis, recession, money] That will group this review with others related to ‘economic crisis’, ‘recession’ and ‘money’.
  7. We are also keen to include pictures of book covers on the site. To do so, just attach a .jpg or .gif version of the book cover (available through online bookseller sites, such as Amazon) at the top of the email. Please make sure the file size is small, and crop it to 150 (height) x 98 (width) pixels if possible since this is the size used on Red Reads.

Below is a screen shot from a contribution that is ready to be emailed:

We don’t accept multiple reviews of the same book so please check to see if anyone has reviewed your book before submitting it. Instead, we encourage readers to comment on existing reviews of books they have read.

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